Ultrasound cryo
Thermo Therapy



1 device – up to 5 therapy options

cryo effect

(Hypothermia from -15 °C to +15 °C)

thermo effect

(Hyperthermia from +30 °C to +45 °C)


(By choosing 1 or 3 MHz, it is possible to act on the surface or in depth)

exklusive contrast therapy®

(application of alternating hot and cold cycles)

thermal shock

(the temperature drops by 30 °C in a short time)

The effects of cold – cryo-therapy

Cryotherapy is a physical therapy performed through cold and is used in the treatment of

  • recent trauma:
    the vasoconstriction induced by the cold prevents the edema expansion
  • after-effects of trauma:
    the cold reduces the perception of pain, the muscle reflex contraction and the post-traumatic edema
  • bursitis, arthrosynovitis, tendonitis:
    the cold exerts an anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect
  • inflammatory arthropathy:
    the cold exerts an anti-inflammatory action useful in rheumatic diseases with an inflammatory imprint.

Thermotherapy is also a physical therapy in which the targeted use of heat can produce therapeutic effects. Heat increases blood flow, promotes the elimination of metabolic by-products from tissues, increases oxygen supply, accelerates biochemical reactions of the body and has an analgesic and myorelaxant effect.

Thermotherapy is used for the following treatments:

  • Contusions, sprains, bursitis, muscle tears and strains.
  • Spinal syndromes with muscle contractures;
    fatigue muscle spasms, as it favors the elimination of accumulated lactic acid in the muscles
  • preparation before exercises for the muscle warm-up phase
  • Preparation for the execution of physiotherapeutic exercises.


Pathologies treatable with the thermal shock are:

  • rheumatoid arthritis and inflammatory diseases in general;
  • back pain
  • osteoarthritis
  • muscle problems
  • acute injuries
  • post-operative convalescence

Contrast therapy® is a physical therapy that consists of applying cycles of hot and cold.

It is found to be ideal in the treatment of:

  • edema
  • pain
  • muscle contractures
  • inflammation of ligaments
  • aponeurosis and periosteum

Ultrasound therapy

Ultrasound therapy is a non-invasive therapeutic method using mechanical wave energy. These, in addition to generating a micro-massage, are absorbed by the tissues and transformed into thermal energy.

the combination with cryotherapy: the aim is to limit the thermal effect, thus allowing more energy to be delivered without causing “excessive“heating.

the combination with thermotherapy: in certain conditions it can help to enhance the therapeutic effects (chronic inflammation, degeneration, muscular contracture).

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