Role Models

Medical research and innovation in Austria date a long way back. Ignaz Semmelweis discovered childbed fever in the 19th century. In the 20th century, Karl Landsteiner identified the blood groups and the Rhesus factor and in 1930, received the Nobel Prize for his discoveries.

Allomed is an Austrian family business based on this tradition and committed to continuous innovations and state-of-the-art developments in the field of medical technology.

Quality of life for the patients 

Life expectancy is increasing. Many diseases that were previously lethal can be treated or even cured today. Our main priority at Allomed is to help patients to maintain their autonomy and to ensure a high quality of patient life despite restrictions.

Product Safety 

We place special focus on the safety of our products – on the one hand, they have to be easy to manage and free of risk for care attendants, and on the other, convenient and supportive to meet the needs of patients.

Dialogue with our customers 

We maintain close ties with hospitals, specialist retailers (medical and healthcare suppliers), pharmacies, rehabilitation centers, and nursing homes.  Thanks to an ongoing exchange of information, are familiar with the everyday routines in these institutions and offer tailor-made products for the different requirements of our customers.

Flat hierarchies - short decisions processes

Our corporate structure is flat, allowing us to meet new challenges quickly and efficiently and to develop needed solutions in a timely manner.

Double the help at double the speed

This holds true especially in the medical field.  Thanks to our outstanding supply capacity, we are usually able to process orders within 24 hours after they come in.

A great Team

“Keep up with the times and time will keep up with you” is how the saying goes and we have adopted this principle. Ongoing professional development of our staff based on continuous training measures is one of our top priorities to ensure that our entire team is abreast of the latest developments.

Certifications according to ISO

In order to ensure even higher product safety, our company has been certified according to ISO 9001 and 13485. Our adherence to these standards is subject to annual audits.

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10 years Company history

Allomed was founded by Walter Milacek in 2004 in the scope of a management buyout. Based on thirty years of professional expertise in the field of medical technology, this step was well considered; his wealth of experience in the field has proven critical to the success of the company.

The number of key accounts kept growing from the beginning. International quality suppliers also entrusted Allomed with the distribution of their products from the very start. Some of the highlights in ten years of corporate history include reception of the award of the innovation prize of the Viennese Chamber of Commerce in 2008 and the development and international patent registration of Allomed’s own product, Pleurasafe, in 2009.

In 2010, the growing company moved into new corporate headquarters to Schwechat near Vienna featuring spacious offices and storage space offering vast scope for development.

A training center and a high-rack facility are Allomed’s investments into expansion and top service – in terms of staff and logistics.

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Our staff

Part of our staff has a medical background and knows exactly what patients and care attendants need.

Products have to be easy to handle, and hygienically safe for care attendants, and as comfortable as possible for patients while being minimally intrusive. A satisfied patient is more likely to mobilize his powers of self-healing.

Since our staff is familiar with the everyday needs of patients’ lives, they can directly relate to the practical aspects of medical technology, and continuous expansion of our product range and new product innovations are often based on their input.

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Peter Schüller 

Managing Director

Walter Milacek 

Founder and Managing Director

Office Team

Stephan Pruckner 

Head of Office Management

Renate Payer 


Nasiza Constantin 


Sonja Kaiser 


Bianca Fuchs

Store Management

Sales Team

Bernhard Koppensteiner 

registered advisor, 
since 2010 at allomed

Claus Huber 

registered advisor,
since 2007 at allomed

DGKS Sabine Doppelbauer 

academic continence- and stoma advisor
registered advisor

Peter Schüller 

registered advisor
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